Episode 2, Thoughts about Moments of Truth – Lodge 49

Warning #Spoilers if you have not seen Episode 1 .

Moments of Truth in Service, for anyone who has worked in the sales or service industry, is a term that gets snuck into either a training video, a pamphlet, or one of those confusing manager led pep talks.  It is the concept of understanding the relationship between your customer and your product.  On the next leg of our journey, we find each of our travelers coming in various ways to their own moments of truth.

After a beautiful backstory intro showing the rise and fall of Dud, our story opens Episode 2. Dud is in court for his restraining order hearing, at which he pulls defeat from the jaws of victory.  He can’t let go of the memory of his dad or the house. Even after the charges are dropped, he pushes the line again to have them be filed against him anyway. With another door closed, he wanders on to see if he can find employment, eyes, and heart still burning from the state of his new reality. 

In a sales meeting that may seem all too familiar,  we find Ernie being asked to take the hit on his commission to cover for his bosses poor decisions.  As if to further turn the knife, he must watch as the younger “Beautiful Jeff”  is given the better sales opportunity and the fishing trip perk.  The biting line of this scene is his boss Bob, played by Brian Doyle-Murray,  trying to encourage him by telling him that he is still his “Butter and Egg Man”   Hardly the compliment, as the tale of the Butter and Egg Man is that of a rural farmer, who become wealthy in his small town but foolishly blows it all in the lights of the big city due to his naivety.  As Ernie says he is “tired of nickel and dime”,  he realizes that his best sales years are long behind him, but he still dreams of the major score that he really needs.

At Shamroxx, Liz is dispensing her own life lessons.   She is tethered with training the new girl Karen.  Karen is a spunky gal in school, who dreams of trying to start a hair salon with her cousin.  The weathered and burnout spirit she sees in Liz is too real for her.  To save herself from a similar fate, we see her fleeing from the restaurant, never return again.

As Liz returns home to her small apartment, she counts the money she has, looks at the bill on the computer, and in the face of utter futility, she goes to do something she can control. She decides to clean her fridge, and by looking at the space inside, a quiet and isolated shelter from the world, she crawls in. Just for those few moments to shut the world out and get away.

As the line goes, there are times when life makes no sense at all,  when the mountains ahead look so big, and our faith just seems so small.  At this crossroads of truth, we are brought back around.  As Blaise tells Dud at the bar, the true philosopher looks at the world we live in as a text of beauty and wisdom waiting to be deciphered if we only look for it.  For Dud, here at the lodge, he has his revelation. 

“When I’m out there, I feel like I’m all alone, and all these things chasing me.  It’s dragons and dickheads. But, it’s different in here. I can see what this place is.  I can feel it. Can’t you?” **

But that is how moments of truth in life are when we stop and look for them.  Because you truly can feel it.  Can’t you?

**Quote from AMC’s Lodge 49, Season 1 Episode 2, Written by Jim Gavin and Alina Mankin copyright AMC TV and  Touchy Feely Flims

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