The True Lodge FanFiction Short Story Contest

The True Lodge is proud to announce our First Fanfiction Contest.  

When is it?  The Contest will be open now till October 31st.   

What is it?  A chance to share your writing chops and your theories, backstories, plot ideas, etc. of the Lodge 49 Universe.  Full Details are listed below

How is the judging decided?  All submitted stories will be reviewed and those approved will be posted to story section.   We will be using a combination of three criterion for deciding our top 5 stories.  1.  Unique page views of the story.  2. Votes for the story on the website.  3. Poll results from Twitter.   With these samples of data, we will select the top 5 stories which will be submitted to our judges for review.  First, Second, Third Place, as well as honorable mentions will be announced Wednesday, November 21st. 

Prizes:  Top three stories will be featured on the website and on our social media.  Additional prizes may be added as well in time. 

Contest Rules:

  1. 1. All entries must be received IN ADVANCE by 11:59 pm EST, October 31st. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after this date.
  2. Each contestant is limited to one entry.
  3. Your entry must be your own work. We will not accept stories with multiple authors.
  4. Your entry must be a work of fanfiction based on a source that is of the Lodge 49** universe. Crossovers are acceptable if it shows direct relevance to the created universe of the show.
  5. Your entry must not exceed a PG-13 rating. Please, no excessive vulgar language, extreme violence, or explicit sexual content. 
  6. All entries must be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 7000 words in length. 
  7. Your entry must be written in English. Please keep non-English terms and phrases to a minimum. (Mystical references / Latin are allowed, but explain for reader please)
  8. Your entry must be original to you, and the work needs to be a currently unpublished work. Again, please no plagiarism. 
  9. Your entry must be a complete story that stands on its own in regard to the Lodge Lore and Universe.
  10. As an entrant, you are giving consent to The True Lodge to publish your story on our website and include your first name or pen name, as well city, state, and country.   
  11. Please spell and grammar check your entry before submitting it.
  12. Contestants are recommended to be a follower of as this will be our main means for communication about the contest. 
  13. As stated, The True Lodge is a fan site, and has no affiliation or association with Lodge 49, AMC, AMC Studios, or Touchy Feely Films.