Q & A with Eric Allan Kramer – Scott Mills on Lodge 49

This week The True Lodge was able to connect with the actor Eric Allan Kramer .

Eric has been in the industry since the early 90’s, playing such characters as Bob Duncan on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, Dave Rogers on The Hughley’s , and roles in many feature films.

Eric is currently enjoying his role on AMC’s hit new series Lodge 49, playing Scott Mills.  Mills is a no-nonsense Long Beach Port Harbor patrol officer and also a member of Lodge 49. 

So how did you get involved with Lodge 49? 

Lodge 49 happened very quickly for me, from auditioning to testing to being cast. I remember not having a lot of time to prep before heading to Atlanta, where we shot before coming back to Long Beach.

TTL: Are there any actors/actresses on the show you have worked with before?

EAK: Kenneth Welsh and I discovered we had a connection as he was in the first class of the first year of the same theatre school I went to at the University of Alberta. Other than that, I had not worked with any of the other cast before, but knew their work, even if it took a bit to realize it. The great thing about meeting other actors on set, or anywhere, is that moment of, “Oh my God, you were (that character) in (that movie)! I loved you in that!”

TTL: What is it like working with Jim Gavin, a well-known author, but rather new to TV production?

EAK: Other than falling in love with this insane but relatable world Jim created, watching him work so freely, in a business where most of us are looking for roadblocks before they even appear, made for a really fun and loose set. Lots of laughter.

TTL: His story Lodge 49  has been described as a fable, what do you see as the moral or message?

EAK: Much like the show itself, I think the message of Lodge 49 can’t be summed up in a single sentence. It’s never as simple as “If you do this, then you will have this.” Everyone has a story that is uniquely theirs. Paths cross, they run together, they go in different directions. It’s never just one question and one answer (as much as we would like it to be). Happiness comes from facing, embracing and accepting the whole, good and bad.

TTL: Is the character Scott Mills at all like you, or if not, do any characters give us a picture of you as a person?

EAK: I think you can almost always find a bit of yourself in every role you play and Scott is no different. There is usually a moment in a scene somewhere where you find yourself going, “Hey, I’ve said this/felt this before.” One of the things that drives Scott is his desire to be the Knight, to do the right thing, put the greater good ahead of himself. I think I can say that about some of the decisions I’ve made in my life. Unfortunately for Scott, it that means following a code and being so rigid in his belief that he doesn’t bend because he that’s what it means to be honorable. You have to wonder how long it will be before he breaks.

TTL: In the series Lodge 49, Scott Mills plays drums,  do you?

EAK:  I didn’t and if I were to be honest probably still don’t, lol. Although to give myself a little credit I can keep a beat and fumble my way around a kit. I took a little over a month of lessons before I had to get in front of the cameras. Scared the hell out of me. Was more nervous doing that than some of monologues I’ve had to perform.

TTL: You played Little John,  in the cult classic, 1993’s Men in Tights, anything you want to share about that incredible experience and do you ever hear from your former castmates?

EAK: I made some really good friends on that Men In Tights shoot. In fact I made one of my best friends, Matthew Porretta (who played Wil Scarlett O’Hara) and we still talk almost every day even though we live on different coasts. We used to call the location on that shoot “Camp Brooks” because we would get to ride horses and shoot arrows and tell jokes all day. The best thing about that shoot was sitting at Video Village and listening to Mel tell stories about Your Show Of Shows and a Hollywood we will never see again. One of the best experiences of my career. Hell, one of the best experiences of my life.

TTL: You seem to be a bit of a football fan, any predictions for this season?

EAK: My dad played professional football as an offensive tackle so I did a bit of growing up in that environment. Played a little bit myself in school, but had to give it up when I got accepted into the Acting Program at the University of Alberta. Always loved the game. Been a Lions fan all my life which, at times, has made me feel every year of it and left me feeling bruised and battered like a lineman in the NFC but, will always be a fan for life. As far as predictions, if I were good at that I would be doing far better in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) than I am, so… I’m not sure I’m the guy to go to there.

TTL: Thanks again for taking your time to answer some questions, any message about the show you want to get out to the fans about lodge 49?

EAK: I am a true fan of Lodge 49 and have been since I read the first script. I love everyone involved from the top of the call sheet to the bottom of the back and everyone else behind the scenes. Shows like this are why we got into the business in the first place. Regardless of what else I do in this business, I can always point to this show and say, “At least I was a part of that.”

You can catch Lodge 49 on AMC at 10 pm / 9 pm CST on Monday nights after Better Call Saul, or streaming on the AMC app.

Lodge 49 is a production of AMC Network Entertainment.  Again our thanks for Eric Allan Kramer for taking the time to share his thoughts with us on Lodge 49.