To be honest, I stumbled across the show a little late in the game.  I watched the first episode On Demand on AMC in late August, looking for something new after finishing a rewatch through Halt and Catch Fire. Within 15 minutes into the first episode, I connected with the show.  Normally a midwestern boy doesn’t find associative characters in TV shows, but there they were, not painted with perfection, or under painted with cookie cutter flaws, but real characters with issues we all face.  Things like corporate downsizing and its effect on peoples lives and their community.   The difficulty of handling an unexplained loss.  And wrestling with the issue of doubt and the many valleys it encompasses.

But, in the midst of this cold hard world, there is an Oasis, Lodge 49.  And thankfully it is not portrayed as the perfect cure or a silver bullet. It is the ability at the Lodge to step away for a few hours from the cold outside, forget about what you are not in life, and be something, a knight, the Sovereign Protector, or a squire.  To shed all the things that would separate them, put on their Lodge regalia, and just sit down a have a beer together.   This chance for something more is what Dud is seeking, and that is the beauty of the story.   Life often takes us on a road we may not have expected or wanted to travel, but there is magic in everyday life. If we just look for it. That is why I watch Lodge 49, and encourage you to as well.   #IWatchLodge49

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