Our Favorite Quotes and Scenes of Season 1

Dud's Lynx Speach

And then last year, I took a surf trip to Nicaragua, and I got bit by a snake and I almost died.
And the wound, it never really healed right, so I can't really surf anymore, or really do any of the things that I used to do.
And then about a month after I got back from my trip, uh, my dad went body surfing, - and he drowned.
And they never found his body.
So now it's just me and my sister.
She's my twin.
Later on, we found out that my dad he was going broke, so the bank foreclosed on the house, and we had to liquidate the shop.
So we lost we lost everything.
I guess you could say this year's been kind of a bum ride.

But then a couple days ago, I was walking on the beach, and I found a a Lynx ring.
And I I didn't know what it was, obviously.
But then later in the day, my car ran out of gas right in front of the lodge.
So it was it was fate.
And then when Ernie invited me inside, I was standing in the lobby, and I don't know, I I just ..just felt like I was meant to be here.
I feel like this place can help me.
So, that's So, um I don't know how else to explain it.
Ernie: You don't have to.

It's Different In Here

(Dud Talking to Ernie in the lodge after discovering he took his money )

You know, when I'm out there I feel like I'm all alone.
And all these things chasing me, it's It's dragons and dickheads.
But it's different in here.
I can see what this place is.
I can feel it.
Can't you?

Episode 3: High

Monsignor: Liz?
Liz: Hi, Monsignor.
Monsignor: What brings you here?
Liz: Well, I got a burrito from the truck across street, and then I wandered in here.
Monsignor: Liz, are you high?
Liz: Yes.

Episode 4: Street Seal Scene

(Dud talking in the middle of the street after nearly hitting the seal.)

Dud: And it wasn't like my life flashed before my eyes or anything like that.
I-I What I remember is, I remember looking up and.. and all I could feel was just the darkness that was just waiting for me down below.
It You know, and and and I just forgot who I was.
I forgot and and and I was just the ..the a thing a thing that was gonna die, and it and it didn't matter.
I think about my dad, and if that's how he felt at the end I Uh, there's this darkness, and it's just still waiting there.
Ernie: But you're here.
Dud: Hmm? Yeah.
Ernie: Yeah.
That's something…
Ernie: You survived for a reason.

Episode 5: The Fight

Liz: You are just like Dad.
Dud: Yeah, well, I hope I am because he was the best guy that I ever met!
Liz: Oh.
Dud: He knew how to enjoy life.
He was happy! You know, that's your biggest delusion of all, right there.
Liz: Really? What? - Dad was faking it.
The debt had been crushing him for years.
Years! He couldn't deal with it, so he decides to check out.....(Dud gives long rebuttal)
Liz:God, you'll believe anything as long as you don't have to face the truth! Dad wanted to die, Dud.
He killed himself! And deep down, you know it!
Dud:Take it back...(fighting)
Dud: You were wrong about Dad.
He didn't want to die but you do.

Episode 6: The Gift

(Several levels of this scene always gets me)

Larry: I don't have much time left.
And I'm not gonna spend it like a chump in a nursing home.
If I'm crazy, fine, but I'm going down swinging.

Ernie: Larry
Larry: I told you the Lodge would give you a gift.
Ernie: It has.
Larry: It gave me one, too.
Ernie: The scrolls?

Larry: No, you.. you blockhead.
I mean you.
Just let me go.

Episode 7: Captain

Ernie: What the hell?
Dud: I can't believe you came all this way just to apologize.
- That's really
Ernie: Dud, man, um, I don't know what you're doing out here, but I'm looking for Captain.
Dud:  Captain?
Ernie: Right.
Captain, man, Captain.

Dud: Cap Right.
Ernie: Yeah.
Dud: Uh, oh, oh, oh, I think, um, you mean Gary.
Ernie: Gary?
Dud:Yeah. Gary.
Ernie: That's Captain? - Huh.

Liz's Vivisection Speech

Liz: But if we're gonna ask ourselves what's underneath the tits
and everything else, I'd have to say loneliness and despair.
It's like we're all bound together pervy customers, staff.
We all kind of wash up on the same shore.
My mom died when I was a year old, and my dad died last year, and .. Sorry.
I-I don't know what I'm saying now.
TARQUIN: Don't be.
It's beautiful.

Episode 9: Wizard of Demystification

Blaise: You know, all I've ever wanted to do is walk in Harwood Fritz Merrill's footsteps in the building he designed himself, but now I see that that would just be tedious and dull.
You're like a wizard of demystification.
Jocelyn: Thank you.

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